Southwest Regional Pastors and Leaders Conference, June 9-14, 2008

5 Day Cruise from Galveston, TX to Western Caribbean

Sailing the Ecstasy

June 9, 2008

For the Southwest Regional Pastors and Leaders Conference next year, we are going to have the Conference on a cruise ship!!! We have found that doing the conference on a cruise ship won't cost couples who attend much more money than doing the Conference at someone's church!! And, you will receive the added benefit of a great vacation at the same time!

The dates for this Conference are June 9-14, 2008. The cruise ship, Carnival Cruises will sail out of Galveston, Texas on Monday, June 9th at 4PM. It will return to Galveston on Saturday, June 14th at 8AM. View the itinerary.

Every person cruising will need to have a passport. If you don’t have one, you need to apply for yours as soon as possible, as it is taking as long as 6 months for it to be processed.


Brian T. Anderson
SW Regional Overseer,
Senior Pastor at Vineyard Church North Phoenix

Berten Waggoner
National Director, Vineyard USA
Senior Pastor at the Sugarland Vineyard, Stafford, TX

Registration (Cruise) Cost:

Vineyard Discounted Rates

Inside Cabin: $629 per person (based on double occupancy)
Ocean View: $699 per person (based on double occupancy)

There will be an additional fuel surcharge of $5.00 per day per person for the 1st and 2nd person in each cabin. This will result in an additional $25.00 more for each passenger.

A $200 deposit (per person) is due February 1, 2008, and the remaining balance is due April 1, 2008.

Downloads for all forms for this conference:

Comments and Questions

Contact Janet Ehret
Telephone: 623.934.4000 ext. 335