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Receiving Counseling at VCNP

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How does it work?

Christian counseling is the discipline of one person assisting another person who is seeking God's grace, insight and intervention in life's difficulties. We offer Christian counseling to individuals seeking to integrate their faith into the process of resolving issues.

Counselors do not possess the ability to change your life or fix your problems. Their main purpose is to provide you with biblical direction. Resolution will only come through consistent effort on your part.

Our counseling is done by pastoral staff and lay persons not licensed as professional counselors. The counselors at VCNP are not specifically trained in counseling techniques, but rely on their knowledge of Scripture, and leading of the Holy Spirit in their counseling.

We believe that counseling alone will not bring about the changes you desire.

Our program is designed to be augmented by your regular church attendance at VCNP, as well as consistent attendance in a small group. We believe much of your healing will come through support and encouragement from other Christians around you.

We usually meet with clients for a maximum of 8 sessions. Most people find counseling very helpful. However, depending on the nature of your difficulty, you might also experience uncomfortable emotions such as anger, fear, and frustration during the course of counseling. While your counselor cannot remove these feelings from you, they will help you work through them, or find an alternative counselor.

You are free to discontinue counseling at any time. Most people remain in counseling until they feel they have learned better methods of thinking, feeling, and/or acting regarding their difficulties. Occasionally, counselors elect to discontinue counseling. This usually happens when they feel no substantial progress is being made or other factors are interfering with their ability to help you.

Under normal circumstances everything you discuss with your counselor will be held in strict confidence. However, you should be aware that there are some situations in which your counselor may be required by law to report information to the proper authorities without your permission or knowledge. These situations include, but may not be limited to a client's indications of bodily harm to others, involvement in a felony, suicidal intentions, and reasonable evidence of child or elder abuse or neglect. Your counselor may also disclose information in response to a subpoena issued by a court of law.

Pre-Marital Counseling

We also offer Pre-Marital counseling and use Prepare/Enrich Inventories designed by Life Innovations, Inc. to assist counselors and couples in focusing objectively on critical relationship issues. Each inventory helps in assessing areas that need to grow and strengths that will enable a couple to progress in their relationship.

Although pre-marital counseling is provided free of charge, there is a $35 charge to cover the cost of Prepare/Enrich inventory assessment. There are usually six sessions. Pre-Marital counseling should be completed one month prior to the wedding date. We do require that the couple be not living together before the wedding.

For more information on pre-marital counseling, please contact Tom Quaid at (623) 934-4000 or by e-mail

Premarital and Marriage Counseling Questionnaire (WORD DOC)

Premarital and Marriage Counseling Questionnaire (PDF)

How to get started

Counseling Questionnaire (PDF)
Counseling Questionnaire (DOCX)
Premarital and Marriage Counseling Questionnaire (PDF)
Premarital and Marriage Counseling Questionnaire (DOCX)


In order to receive counseling at VCNP, you will need to fill out a counseling form available at the church information center or at the church office. Or you may download the form, print, complete and deliver to the church office (or via email). We will try to set up counseling for you only after we have received your completed form. One of our counselors will contact you to set up a time.

Children's counseling needs require a more specialized and professional approach and because of it, we are currently not able to provide counseling for children.