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Keeping the Flame 2017

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Our week of prayer will begin Sunday, May 28 at 6 PM and will conclude at Noon Saturday, June 3.

Our week of prayer is rooted in the history that began in early 2007 when a young college student in Phoenix had what he believed to be a vision from the Lord for 24/7, non-stop, day and night prayer happening across the state of Arizona. Ten years later, his vision is still inspiring us at VCNP to continue an annual week of non-stop prayer. We have come to love what happens when a time and a space and a people are set apart for unceasing prayer!


The Lord is inviting ordinary people to join Him in this extraordinary event by coming to our specially designed prayer room to meet with Him for just one hour on the day and time of your choosing; any hour, any day, day or night, whenever you are available during our week of prayer.


We have created a very special space for our week of prayer! It will be full of a variety of ideas and prayer resources to help you pray. There will be many different areas to choose from: areas for communion, areas for worship and reflection, a special area for children (families are welcome!) and many other suggestions for how to spend your time with The Lord. And, of course, you can come with your own prayer ideas and pray for anything you like!


We want to set ourselves and our church apart; where for just one week, this space; our church; our people: our hearts: are reserved for unceasing fellowship with the Holy Spirit! Because The Lord offers a unique anointing and presence when such a time and place are dedicated to meeting with Him, and we want everyone who comes to experience that!


Question: Can I pray from home?

You can pray from home, anytime you like! But for this event we ask everyone who commits to pray to come to the church prayer room to pray. The reason for this is because there is a unique anointing and presence that comes when such a time and place are dedicated to unceasing prayer and we want everyone who comes to experience that!

Question: I've never prayed for a whole hour before. What will I do?

We will have many different prayer stations and prayer resources available in our prayer room to help you pray. Things like praying for our pastors, our families, our government, or people you know who do not know the Lord. There will be a place to take communion and music to help you worship along with a variety of other ways to help you spend time with the Lord.

Question: Can I pray for more than one hour?

Yes! You can stay longer than one hour, or show up at the same time for more than one day, or just show up when you have some extra free time. There is no limit to how much time you can spend in the prayer room.

Question: What if someone is already signed up to pray for the time I want to pray?

There will be many different areas to choose from to spend your time with The Lord, and sufficient space for many people to be in the room at the same time! Please check our signup schedule below or at the signup desk in the church foyer to determine the best available time for you to come to the prayer room.

Question: Can I bring my kids?

Yes! Children of any age are welcome in our prayer room and we will have some resources available to help our children pray. We only ask that you keep an eye on them so they do not disturb others who are there to pray. There will be no childcare provided.

Question: Can I bring a friend or relative who doesn't go to our church?

Yes! We welcome anyone who would like to come and spend some time in prayer!

Question: I would like to pray during the night but will I be safe?

We understand there are special considerations to having someone at the church during unusually late nighttime hours. The area will be well lit and it is our intention to always have at least one male on site at all times throughout the nighttime hours: and there will be people praying for God's grace and protection over the entire event, but if these details do not satisfy your concerns then we definitely recommend you sign up for a daytime slot.


It's easy to get involved!

DECIDE what day and time (more than one if you want!) fits your schedule to come to the church and pray for one hour anytime between 6 PM Sunday, May 28 and Noon Saturday, June 3.

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SHOW UP and pray!