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Sacred Grounds Ministry

Come be a part of the team! Whether your passion is thumbing through the pages of a book, or you enjoy inhaling the pleasing aroma of fresh ground coffee, we've reserved a spot for you! Flexible hours, great co-workers and delicious coffee...what more could you ask for!

Bookstore Volunteer

The Sacred Grounds Bookstore exists to supply VCNP with materials to help them grow in their Christian walk, as well as grow their ministries. Schedules are flexible, before/during the weekend services, as well as during the week.

Volunteer Opportunities include: Cashiers, Sales Floor Team, CD Duplicators

Spotlight Ministry: Re-Stocking Team - These volunteers work Wednesday through Friday, from 10 AM to 3 PM every week. Duties include receiving merchandise, re-stocking the sales floor, and occasionally helping out with the Sales Team when the Bookstore is open for business.

For more information:
Email Patty Quaid

Coffee Bar Volunteer

The Sacred Grounds Coffee Bar exists to provide the freshest coffee and best tasting drinks for those attending the weekend services at VCNP, so that their Worship experience is enhanced. Most shifts are 2 hours, during and between services.

Volunteer Opportunities include: Cashiers, Barista's, Master Blenders

Spotlight Ministry: Runners - Minimum age is 10, and you must be able to carry a 25 lb bag of ice. These volunteers run to get milk, ice, whipped cream, and whatever else is needed whenever it's needed. They also keep the tables clean, stock the straws and wash out the blenders.

For more information:
Email Patty Quaid

Free Coffee Volunteer

One of the most important ministries is our Free Coffee Ministry. How many places can you go to get a free cup of coffee and hear the Word of God at the same time? This ministry makes a big difference for those new to the church.

Volunteer Opportunities include: Coffee Brewers/Refillers, Stocking Team, Set-Up/Tear Down

For more information:
Email Patty Quaid