Child Dedication

18 to 25 Ministry

Young adults are in a unique stage of life & are a key part of VC.

Young adults (age 18 – 25 yrs old) in search for community, purpose, and a place to connect often find a great fit in the ethnic, socioeconomic, racial, political, and age diversity of VC.

Here at VC we have small groups for college-aged folks, young married couples, and others unique to this stage of life, but encourage young people to enter into the life of our church serving, growing, developing as leaders, musicians, servants, and building friendships that will last a lifetime.

With numerous universities located in Phoenix (Midwestern, ASU, Grand Canyon, AZ Christian, etc), VC has often been a safe ‘church home’ for college students in a new city. If that’s you, we welcome you to attend weekend services and the life of our church.

Looking to connect?

For more information contact David Quaid
Email or call at 623.934.4000

Vineyard Church North Phoenix