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Church Planting

Planting local churches that lead people to Jesus & bless communities.

Our call is to plant new churches both locally and across the globe that embody Vineyard values and serve as outposts of hope in the world.

To date, VC has planted 12 other churches, including Reveal Vineyard in Surprise, AZ, Viña Cristiana in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, and Aradhna Vineyard outside of Delhi, India.

Multiply Vineyard is Vineyard USA’s national church planting team who help vet, prepare, and resource church planters in the Vineyard Movement.

If you feel called to plant a church or be part of a church planting team, please contact us! We’ll connect you with Multiply Vineyard, and see how else VC can help you.

For more information contact the office
Email or call at 623.934.4000

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