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Ministry Training I & II

Learn how to effectively pray for and minister to others.

Ministry Training I & II are classes designed to help you learn how to pray for other people effectively.

We believe that every follower of Jesus can learn skills to partner with the Holy Spirit as He heals, delivers, and works in people’s lives both inside and outside the church. Ministry Training I is required to become a Small Group Leader or serve on our Ministry Team.

Ministry Training I topics include:

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  • Our theological framework for prayer ministry

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  • Practical “how to” effectively pray for a sick person

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  • The Vineyard 5-step prayer model

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  • Listening to the Holy Spirit


Ministry Training II goes deeper, with topics like ministering to people afflicted by demonic spirits, inner healing, and more.

Upcoming Classes

Ministry Training classes have multiple sessions and are available in-person or online. Participants need to attend all sessions.

Ministry Training I

4-session class meeting at 9:15 AM in the Multi Purpose Auditorium.

February class is now full! You can sign up for next course dates in May.

Ministry Training II

3-session class meeting at 9:15 AM in the Multi Purpose Game Room:

For more information contact Eddie Hyatt
Email or call at 623.934.4000

Vineyard Church North Phoenix