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Diversity & Justice @ VC

"Justice is what love looks like in public." Dr. Cornel West

Justice runs like a strand through the Biblical story as a central tenant of our faith; while racial, ethnic & cultural diversity in Christ reflect the kingdom of God.

With this as our cornerstone we joyfully join the great traditions of the Church including modern heroes like MLK, the abolitionists of the 19th century, and so many others, from the Jesuits to the early church, who have for 2000 years sought reconciliation across racial and cultural lines to build community in Christ.  

These historic witnesses to Christ lived out justice in their unique time and place by advocating for those on the margins of society, challenging oppressive systems, providing for those without means, and providing a voice for those without the means to project theirs. In our context we seek to do this in 3 ways:

      1. Resourcing those in need in practical ways and advocating for justice in our wider community through our Food & Clothing Bank as well as specific events and programs.

      2. Building a church culture at VC that celebrates, includes, and champions the gift of diverse people and leadership at our church.

      3. Teaching what the Bible says about justice and diversity as key to the story of God and the well-being of people, cities, and nations. 

Diversity Council

In 2022 we put together a Diversity Council that meets throughout the year to talk through how we as a church can celebrate diversity & advocate for justice. 

This group represents people across races, ages, cultural upbringing, and gender. It has been a helpful voice for  VC. 

Have questions? We’d love to discuss! 

Eddie Hyatt, Prayer & Hospitality Pastor
Eloisa Mendino, VC Español Pastor
Mario Fernandez, Compassion, Small Groups & Men’s Pastor
Keith Shepherd, Connection & Next Steps Pastor

Teaching & Resources

"A Diverse Church on Mission"

Geno Olison (South Suburban Vineyard outside of Chicago) teaches on justice & diversity in 2022 as we celebrate MLK’s legacy. 

Book, podcasts & articles

Want to dig in further? Check out this list of books, podcasts, videos, articles, and more curated by our Diversity Council.  

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