Child Dedication

Next Steps

Everyone has a next step as they grow as a follower of Jesus. What’s yours?

We all have a next step to take, regardless if you have been following Jesus for decades or are just exploring faith for the first time.

Here at VC, we are all about taking our next steps. Maybe that’s regularly attending weekend services, or maybe it’s getting water baptized, or maybe learning how to pray for your neighbors, or maybe it’s giving back and helping others.

Whatever your next step is, why not take your next step with us?

For more information contact Keith Shepherd
Email or call at 623.934.4000

[fawesome iclass=”fas fa-couch fa-1x”] Attend

[fawesome iclass=”fa-child fa-1x”] Make VC “your church”

[fawesome iclass=”fas fa-heartbeat fa-1x”] Growing into Maturity

Develop healthy habits & skills.

[fawesome iclass=”fas fa-people-carry fa-1x”] Ministry & Mission

Bless others by giving back.

Vineyard Church North Phoenix