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Announcement: Marty Kaiser & Reveal Vineyard Church to join VC

Brian T. Anderson - October 19, 2022


I have some exciting news to share with you!

I’m thrilled to announce that Marty Kaiser will be joining our pastoral staff as our Executive Pastor!

As our Executive Pastor, Marty will be taking over many of the responsibilities that were vacated by Pastor Tom Quaid when he retired at the end of 2021.

I’ve known Marty since he was a teenager, and he was also our Worship Pastor for 15 years before he and his wife, Shelia, planted Reveal Vineyard Church, in Surprise, out of our church, in 2008.

Marty is currently the Senior Pastor of the Reveal Vineyard Church. So, you may be wondering, “What is going to happen to Reveal?”

Reveal Vineyard Church will become a campus of Vineyard Church of North Phoenix!

For some of you, this is very surprising news! So, I want to fill you in on how this all came about. Transparency has always been an important value to me as your pastor – – and also for our church.

Earlier this year, Marty began to sense a change was needed for his personal well-being and for the leadership structure at Reveal.

Through prayer, contemplation, and counsel, Marty came to believe that his ministry experience and leadership abilities would be better served in a support role rather than as the lead pastor at Reveal.

In April of this year, Marty reached out to me to talk with me about what he felt like God was saying to him about this. He explained to me what I just said in this email.

So, Thora and I – – along with Marty and Shelia Kaiser began really seeking God about this. We also sought outside counsel about the possibility of making a move like this. Eventually, I offered Marty the job at VC as our Executive Pastor, and he accepted!

This sparked many more weeks of conversation, prayer, counsel, and meetings with the Reveal pastors, along with our VCNP pastors.

In the end, we all believe that it is God’s will for Reveal to become a campus of Vineyard Church of North Phoenix!

Reveal is a wonderfully successful church! They have close to 500 people in weekend attendance. They also share our Vineyard DNA – – because they were planted out of our church!

They have a great compassion ministry that serves over 300 family members a month – – as well as many other powerful outreaches to their community. They are regularly seeing people come to Christ and are baptizing people on a regular basis. Reveal is a great church!

I am so looking forward to what God has planned for Reveal as they join our VCNP family!

As we embark on this journey together, there are two important things for you to know:

  1. To begin with, Marty will assume the role of Campus Pastor at Reveal until a permanent Campus Pastor can be found or raised up.
  2. There will be no changes to Reveal’s current staff. Reveal pastors and staff are committed to the Reveal church community and to joining VCNP as a second campus!

For those of you with more questions, read the FAQs below.

Will you join me in praying that God’s peace and grace would be upon everyone involved in this time of transition!

If you see Marty and Shelia Kaiser around in the near future, please make sure you give them a warm VC welcome!

I believe this is going to be a wonderful new season for us at VC and also for those at the Reveal campus!



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Because we believe that “together” we will be better — and we also believe that becoming one church, with two campuses will allow us to reach more people for Jesus Christ!

In many ways, this is a reunion for both churches in that much of Reveal’s roots were formed at VC with Marty and Shelia having a combined 27 year history as part of the VC staff. In 2008, Marty and Shelia were sent out by Vineyard Church North Phoenix, to plant Reveal in the Surprise area. Since that time, both churches have grown in vision and mission for reaching lost people for Jesus in their respective communities. Everything about Reveal that makes it the amazing church it is, was grown at Vineyard Church North Phoenix.

We are two healthy churches that have been on a shared journey, and we believe that by coming together, we can reach more people for Jesus. We believe our coming back together will allow our common DNA and complementary differences to make both locations stronger and extend our common impact for God’s Kingdom.

Earlier this year Marty began to sense that his ministry experience might better serve the church in a support role rather than as the lead pastor at Reveal. After many months of prayer, Marty approached Brian Anderson, senior and founding pastor of Vineyard Church North Phoenix, about returning to an Executive Pastor position at VC. This was the beginning of numerous lengthy conversations, prayer, seeking wisdom from outside sources, and more prayer.

As it became clear that God was behind the move, the conversation turned to Reveal and the possibility of both churches coming together to reach more people for Jesus. After many weeks of prayer and meetings with pastors from both VC and Reveal, confidence grew that the Lord was behind this opportunity. While there is still much work to do, the pastors at both VC and Reveal are very excited to begin working together to continue transforming our communities for Jesus.

Yes and No. As we begin this process, Marty will continue to serve as the lead pastor at Reveal. However, because of Marty’s increased responsibilities for both campuses, Marty will slowly transition into the Executive Pastor role as we raise up a permanent site pastor at Reveal. Marty will eventually be less involved in the direct leadership of Reveal as a VC campus, but he will be involved in the oversight of ministry at both campuses. He will also continue to be available as a pastor and coach to the Reveal campus pastors, as well as becoming an overseeing pastor for other pastors at VC.

Yes! Reveal is a thriving church that is making a difference in the surrounding community. We firmly believe that God will continue to do big things through Reveal.

Vineyard Church North Phoenix – Reveal Campus

Revive will become part of Vineyard Community Charities (VCC) and continue operation as part of VCC’s 501(c)(3). Ministry will still take place in the West Valley/Surprise areas.

Daniel Arellanes and Daniel Arvayo will continue to be pastors at Reveal. In fact, they will join a larger team of pastors at Vineyard Church North Phoenix. They will continue to oversee the day-to-day ministries and service planning for Reveal, but they will also be involved in conversations and leadership for ministry at both campuses in both communities. The current VC pastors meet every other week to learn together and seek where God is leading as a team. Daniel and Daniel will be a part of that meeting as members of the larger VCNP pastoral team.

Reveal’s staff will now be part of VC’s staff, serving locally at the Reveal campus. They will all continue in their current roles and receive the same pay they have been receiving. Any full-time staff will now qualify for the same benefits as any current full-time VC staff. Part-time staff will receive holidays and sick pay just like current part-time VC staff.

No. Services will continue to be planned primarily by Marty, as well as Daniel Arvayo and Daniel Arellanes. Daniel Arvayo and Marty will also be added to the VCNP Worship Arts Team. This means service planning at both campuses will have the advantage of more creative input from more people. We believe that services at both campuses will be better, as they receive creative direction from a unified VC/Reveal creative team.

We are planning on having live preaching most of the time at Reveal, but there will be some video messages also, usually by Pastor Brian. Initially, Marty will continue to be the primary speaker at Reveal. Marty will gradually speak less often at Reveal than he has in the past, and he will also speak some at VC. The current preaching teams will continue to speak at their respective campuses. Some of the speakers will most likely speak at the other campus from time to time.

No. Small Groups at Reveal are strong and God is doing great things through them. There will be times when all small groups and weekend services at both campuses will do a campaign together. During campaigns, service teachings will be the same at both campuses and all small groups will use the same curriculum.

We are becoming one church with two campuses. Giving at both campuses will go to a unified budget. Pastors at both campuses will decide how money should be allocated each year to do the ministry we believe God is calling Vineyard Church North Phoenix to do within each campus community. When you give to God through either campus, your giving is helping to transform lives for Jesus within both communities.

You will be able to call either campus office during office hours and ask to speak to a pastor.

No, if you are a member at Reveal, you will continue to be a member at VC’s Reveal campus. Existing members at both campuses will continue to be members. They will just be members of one church with two locations.

You are welcome to ask any of the current pastors at either campus.  However, we have also hired retired Pastor Tom Quaid part-time as a consultant to help guide the transition process. Tom is highly respected by both Pastor Brian and Pastor Marty, as well as the entire pastoral team. He has 25 years of pastoral ministry experience and brings a unique skill set that will help this process go as smoothly as possible.

Vineyard Church North Phoenix