Child Dedication

Plan a visit

Saturday 5 PM / Sunday 9:15 & 11 AM

What to expect

Join us for a cup of coffee, vibrant worship, solid Bible teaching, communion, & prayer.

Services are a little over an hour. Our hope is to meet with God each weekend!

Glendale Campus

Our campus is at 63rd Ave & Peoria Ave where about 4,500 people worship each weekend.

63rd Ave & Peoria Ave in Glendale
Saturday 5 PM, Sunday 9:15 & 11 AM

Kids (birth – 5 grade) at all services. Youth (6 – 12 grade) during 5 PM Saturday & 11 AM Sunday services.

Sign Language available at the 9:15 AM service.

Interpretación en Español disponible en el servicio de las 11:00 AM.

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NW Peoria Campus

Our satellite campus meets at Sunset Heights Elementary School each weekend.

Kids (birth – 5 grade) at all services. Youth (6 – 12 grade) at 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays during service.

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Vineyard Church North Phoenix