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Financial Resources

Resources to help you get out of debt and do finances God’s way.

Dave Ramsey and his team provide very helpful materials, apps and courses on managing money in wisely. Topics include how to set and live on a budget, paying off debt, investing, leaving a legacy, and more.

Free materials include Free 3-Minute Assessment, Guide to Budgeting, and free 14-day access to Ramsey+, their new program which includes access to their apps and online courses.

We are running Financial Peace University over Zoom from February 21 through April 25. Doing FPU with a group of people is the best way and at a discounted cost!

RightNow Media

These are available for free to anyone at VC! Request free access to RightNow Media >

Eight-part video series discussing wise counsel from the Bible about your financial life. Jesus had more to say about money than about heaven and hell combined, watch these to learn more.

In less than two hours these videos provide practical help on how to get started, tips and techniques, and why a plan can be your best offensive strategy.

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