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Water Baptism

We believe baptism is an important next step for anyone who follows Jesus, so we do them every other month during weekend services.

Saturday, July 20
- Sunday, July 21
VC Campus

Water Baptism is the outward act of an inward commitment of faith in Jesus. It symbolizes the death of our old ways and spiritual rebirth.

At the Vineyard, we believe baptism is an important next step for anyone who follows Jesus, so we do them every other month during our regular weekend services. In 2023 we had the great privilege of baptizing 300 people at the VC Campus!

How to be water baptized at the Vineyard

To be water baptized at the Vineyard, take our water baptism class (kids baptism class). The class is now online and takes about 25 mins, so you can take it whenever and wherever you’d like!

At the end of the class you’ll be able to register to be water baptized at an upcoming service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Among Christians, there are different perspectives on infant baptism. Some denominations and traditions (such as Episcopal, Presbyterian and Catholic) baptize infants while others (such as most Baptists) do not.

Perhaps you were baptized as an infant. How should you view that baptism? You certainly want to show respect to your parents and their viewpoints, as well as be grateful to God for any spiritual influence they had in your life. However, the Bible teaches that baptism is an action that follows conversion. So, if you have not been baptized since you have personally made a decision to follow Jesus, we encourage you to get baptized.

Absolutely, as long as they thoroughly understand what they are doing. 

We typically baptize children 5 years and older. Younger than 5, we ask that you reach out to Josh England, VC Kids Pastor, to have a conversation. We encourage parents to wait until their children are old enough to make a personal profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

We desire to partner with parents in preparing their children for salvation and baptism. To assist parents in this process, our Children’s Ministry department has teaching booklets available on both topics. When your child is ready to be baptized, we ask parents to watch the Kids Baptism online class with them. 

At Vineyard, we do not baptize infants. Instead, we dedicate infants and children who are not yet ready to make a decision to follow Jesus for themselves and call parents to commit to raising their children to follow Christ. We do this based on the biblical model of infants being dedicated to the Lord: Samuel in the Old Testament (1 Samuel 1:21-29) and Jesus in the New Testament (Luke 2:21-24).

As long as you were born again when you were baptized, and as long as the church you were baptized at was a Christian church, then you do not need to be re-baptized.

If, however, your baptism was merely a church ritual done prior to your conversion or if the church was outside of the mainstream of Christianity, then we would encourage you to be baptized as a believer for the first time.

For more information contact Marty Kaiser by email or phone at 623.934.4000 

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