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Invite a friend

It’s easy to send an evite to friends and family to join us for a service or event!

Did you know that more than eight out of ten unchurched people said they would come to church if they were simply invited by someone?

Here are some easy ways you can reach out and invite someone to attend a service with you at the Vineyard.
  1. Think about who you want to invite. Begin to pray for them and pray for your own boldness.
  2. Use the resources on our website to send an evite, or invite in person using a 6-pack invite card – available at church.
  3. If your friend would like to come, make a plan to meet up somewhere on campus so that you can show them around. Be sure to come a bit early, and plan to sit together.
  4. Be sure to follow up after to thank them for attending. Encourage your guests to attend with you again if they liked what they experienced at VC.
We cultivate a welcoming environment at VC for those distant from God, as we’ve seen countless times how simple invitations can transform lives! 
Click an evite below to send an email invite or post to social media: 
Vineyard Church North Phoenix