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Serve in Worship Tech

Volunteer on the Worship Tech team working cameras, lights, and more.

The Worship Tech team works behind the scenes to make sure lights, cameras, and screens work just right for our in-person services. 

While the Church Online team helps run and host our online, livestreamed, services.

Team members work together with set roles under direction either the Technical Director (in-person services) or Online Coordinator (online services). The teams range in age, gender, a variety of skill level and positions are needed each week.

Schedules are flexible; some team members are on for one service every weekend, others for multiple services each weekend, while others do every other weekend. 

No prior experience is necessary to get started but team members must attend Vineyard Church North Phoenix and must already be, or be willing to become, a member of VC by taking the Newcomers class and Membership class at the next available time. 

How to get started

Let us know you’re interested by filling out the form below and selecting Worship Tech (audio/visual/lights) or Church Online (Host & Prayer) or both!

Have questions? We have answers: 
Jerod Allen (Worship Tech)
Kyle Martinez (Church Online)

Worship Tech Volunteer Positions

After filling out the form above, the next step is to come in and observe an entire service in the video production room backstage to see if it’s right for you. There’s no initial commitment! Next, you’ll choose a position to observe for a few more weeks, then shadow someone else doing it, and then eventually, do it on your own.

CG (Computer Graphics)

If you love modern worship music the CG (Computer Graphics) position is the position for you! CG helps display worship lyrics, fill-in-the-blank notes, videos or pictures during the service, and more. Attention to detail and strong reading skills are needed for this position.


The Switcher position is hands on and fun! Switcher controls what is seen on the big screens, switching between camera, videos, pictures, and more. Strong listening skills and the ability to follow instructions are important for this position.


The Camera operator is very active! The Camera operator controls 3 remote cameras with a joystick. You’ll help provide interesting camera angles for worship as well as following the speaker during the message. The ability to multitask is very important. Photography or cinematography experience is recommended but definitely not required!


The Lights position gives an opportunity for creativity to shine! Lights are in control of lighting within the Main Auditorium. Working through a programmed show, you will take cues from the Technical Director while following along with the service. During worship you will have more opportunity to follow with the music and create an engaging worship experience. No previous experience needed. Strong listening skills and familiarity with modern worship music is important.

Church Online Volunteer Positions

Livestreaming all 3 weekend services at Vineyard Church North Phoenix requires volunteers just like in-person services! Our goal is that every online interaction ends in people feeling loved and our focus is fostering connection.

Volunteering to help with Church Online is perfect for anyone who needs a flexible schedule. Team members are not required to be on campus. You can serve in either position from the comfort of your own home. We do also provide a location on campus for volunteers as well.

If you are working remotely, host team members will need a desktop or laptop computer with a reliable internet connection to join us wherever you are!

Online Host

Responsibilities can be summed up as “The Big 3:” Welcome, Discuss, and Pray. Online hosts are the greeters, ushers, and prayer team during our online experience.

Requires Ministry Training I.

Vineyard Church North Phoenix