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Helping families celebrate & honor their loved one.

Unfortunately sooner or later everyone finds themselves dealing with the grief that comes from the passing of a loved one.

VC offers compassion and support to bereaved families by assisting in the planning of a funeral or memorial service at VC and providing a VC pastor or lay leader to officiate at a funeral or memorial service here or at another location.

Funerals are conducted without charge and we do our best to work with you to find a time that is convenient for both your needs and the church’s schedule. All times and locations need to be cleared by the officiating pastor or lay leader.

How we can help

Plan a funeral

Contact the church office (623.934.4000) to plan a funeral or memorial service. Learn more and read FAQs in our brochure:

For more information contact Julio Lopez
Email or call 623.934.4000

Additional support

Each family will be followed up with by our GriefShare Coordinator, who will provide them information about upcoming GriefShare sessions.

GriefShare is a place where family members and friends can find healing, comfort and support during the grieving process.

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